Are You Facing

My clients are facing foreclosure.  Or they are in real estate deals they are not
happy about.

Residential real estate is what I do.
I work in Cuyahoga County
and surrounding counties.

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Don't panic. File an answer.
Then figure out what you want.

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Property Tax

You have the right to stop the foreclosure by paying the taxes. Participate in the case
to preserve your options.

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Real Estate

Realtors can't give legal advice or make customized contracts. Call me for advice about difficult or unusual transactions.

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If you are behind on your mortgage or property taxes, you should talk to a lawyer.  Choose an expert in the field. Don’t trust your foreclosure case to a general practice lawyer, who does a little bit of everything.  Be careful about hiring a bankruptcy lawyer.  Bankruptcy often is not the best way.  And be careful with attorneys who run all over the state taking foreclosure cases.  Every court is different, and a good attorney needs to be well-known and well-regarded in the courthouse where he or she works.

My law practice centers on foreclosure and residential real estate. Defending against foreclosure is how I make my living.  Please call me for some free advice on your situation.  If you want to hire me after we talk, that’s great.  If not, that’s fine, too.  Either way you will have a better understanding of the foreclosure process and your options.

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